On August 1, 1972, Ed Salen was working the last shift using the old call letters (WSLS). At midnight Ed remarked ..."We're WSLC now...we worked our "S" off don't you "C"...now we're WSLC..." The new owners upgraded all the equipment and promoted the station every way imaginable. One upgrade included a new trailer (left). Steve Akers remarked that he was doing a remote from the stockyard in Hollins. Someone from the station brought by lunch, two hot dogs, fries and a drink. Steve set them on the counter and someone walked by thinking it was a hot dog stand and placed his order. From that day forward the remote unit was referred to, as the "Weenie Wagon". This story must have stuck in management's mind because the replacement for the "Weenie Wagon" was the WSLC Country Cafe'.

In 2000, Mel Wheeler, Incorporated purchased WPVR-FM. There was speculation as to what the new format would become. For several days WPVR played "It's Only Rock'n Roll" by the Rolling Stones over and over again. Then suddenly it's call letters were changed to WSLC-FM and the music format was changed to country. For the next several months the station fine tuned it's modern country format to become today's "Star Country". The number one radio station in the Roanoke and Lynchburg market.

Once Star Country started taking off in popularity, the 610 AM frequency changed format.


Vibe 100 - WVBB - can now be heard in Roanoke on FM 97.7. On January 20, 2016, WVBB dropped its  format for sports radio with the new callsign WPLY. The station carries programming from Fox Sports Radio.


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