WLRJ-FM a full time FM station went on the air in1960 as a big band and easy listening station.  The station operated on 92.3 Mc with a power of 2.8 Kw.  This station was built by Lee Hartman who was the founder of Lee Hartman & Sons Sound Equipment Incorporated that was started in 1936 as a garage based repair facility on Cove Road.  The station call letters stand for his three sons, Lee Jr., Robert and Jack.  Below one of the first "Mobile Disc Jockeys" in the Roanoke Valley. 1950 - Patrick Henry Hotel with John Hartman (left) and Lee Hartman (right).

Below, taken at the same location, but 60 years later is Rob Hartman in front of the same fireplace at the Patrick Henry Hotel.

The station was sold to Aylett B. Coleman III in 1972. Pictured below is Bob Lewis.

Bob Lewis - WLRJ

August 1962 WLRJ Program Guide

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In September, 1965, the transmitter was a 1 Kw RCA BTF-1D, running into a 3-bay RCA FM antenna (horizontal polarization only - since there was very little automobile FM at that time).   ERP on the main 92.3 kcs frequency was 2,800 watts, with the other 200 watts eaten up by two (2) sub carriers that were used for the background music channels. WLRJ changed it's call letters and became WLRG, and then later the station was sold and became WXLK - K-92 FM




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