There are 30 cuts

In the early sixties WROV became the local sponsor of the "Miss Teenager America Pageant which featured girls representing cities around the country and was owned by Dr. Pepper. The national contest was held in Fort Worth. Each local affiliate had a jingle produced which included the station call letters. A good production man using scissors, splicing tape and a good ear, was able to turn this one jingle into five. Cut four "WROV (Acapella) was heard on the air until the "Get With The Winners" jingles were produced in 1967. Also included in this selection are cuts featuring Fred King, Jack Fisher & Fred Frelantz, Frelantz's & Fisher's famous Instant Replay, Star Drops (including the Beatles), a message from Barbara Felton (pictured upper left in the header) to the 2006 WROV reunion, Summer of '69 - ID, a lifted jingle, and the "Big G" Gary Gears' (from WCFL & WLS - Chicago) Rockin' Steady ID.

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