There are 33 cuts

Series 31, “Music Explosion” in 1966 which featured an electronic voice called a “Sonovox” saying the word “music.” The package had a very macho all-male vocal which gave the station a little more punch. Many of the jingles were acapella, but the instrumented cuts were bright and brassy. The powerful high male voice that gave packages like Series 31 their distinctive sound belonged to the late Marvin Shaw (Pictured above) . In addition to singing and producing in the vocal group, Marv was a trumpet player who wrote and arranged many PAMS jingles.Sidebar: Ben Peyton ordered the jingles as a trade-out, which meant the station ran commercials in exchange for the jingles. He remembers the ratio was $3.00 for each dollar the package cost. When the jingles arrived he was too embarrassed to put them on the air. The station sound was so bad and the jingles sounded so good.

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