It was August 2008, in an undisclosed location in Roanoke County, many of the former WROV DJ's gathered for their fifth reunion. Now sit back and see your favorite ROVers as they look today!

(Back Row to Front)
Charlie Bell - Jack Shields - Dave Moran - Jan Wilkins - Jack Fisher - Jerry Joynes - Jim Clark - Rob O'Brady - Bill Jordan
Cliff Beach - Bruce Jacobson - Ellen Butler - Tom Twine
Barry Michales - Larry Bly - David Cohen - Steve Cannon
Lee Garrett - Starr Stevens - Pat Garrett - Steve Finnegan- Matt Eakle

Larry Bly

Jack Fisher

Dave Moran

Jim Clark

Steve Finnegan

Jack Fisher - Jim Butler - Ellen Butler - Jan Wilkins

Barry Michaels - Steve Finnegan

Steve Finnegan - Mr. & Mrs. Kenney

Sharon & Dave Moran - Jan Wilkins

Rob O'Brady

Jack Fisher

(Left over from last year) Jerry Joynes - Tommy Joynes - Bart Prader

For dinner Bill Kenney served "Kenney Burgers"

Barbara Felton missed the Reunion but she sends everyone her best
Pictured to her right is Jan Wilkins

Bill Jordan - Pat Garrett - Jack Fisher

One from the "Cob Web" Photo Album - Can you guess who and where?

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