Jim Nesbitt

Jim Nesbitt

Popular country-comedy star Jim Nesbitt passed away on November 22, 2007, at his home in Florence, SC, after battling a heart condition for several years.

The singer was known for his humorous melodies. With songs like "Runnin' Bare," "Truck Drivin' Cat with Nine Lives," and "Tiger in the Tank," Newbitt found himself a fixture on the Billboard Country Charts during the 1960s and 70s. He was born in Bishopville in 1931. He got his own show on WFIG radio in Sumter in 1949. From there, he became a disc jockey at WAGS in Bishopville.

"How would you say it? He's a legend," said WAGS Radio General Manager Jim Jenkins. Jenkins first met Nesbitt when he took over the 1380 AM airwaves in 2000. He was surprised to learn that Nesbitt recorded his first hit at the station. "He's from around here. A lot of people know him. He's a South Carolina guy that did very well," Jenkins said. His first big hit was "Please Mr. Kennedy," which went to number one in 1961.

Nesbitt also worked in the Washington, D.C. area as a disc jockey. He also hosted a variety TV show for ten years on WBTW in Florence."He made his music in a way that when he made a song, he put everything he had into it," said Bruce Elrod, president of Lost Gold Records and friend of Nesbitt. Elrod says Nesbitt recorded over 200 tunes and has reportedly sold millions of records.

His last studio effort was, "The Lizard Man," which was released in 1988. It became a regional hit. He was well-known in the community and on a wider-scale for being a geniune, funny man with a good heart."Jim left a legacy of just being Jim. Jim was just your average guy, who got along with everybody and never let his fame or fortune go to his head," Elrod said.


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