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Automobile Exchange

ralph peckRalph Peck and Automobile Exchange were a fixture in Roanoke Radio. For Years Jan Wilkins of WROV would produce and record the live radio commercials over the phone. They would start out with.... This is Jan Wilkins at WROV along with Ralph Peck for Automobile Exchange. Jan would ask what today's car special was and Ralph would come back and describe the car.

The guitar strumming jingle was always heard playing in the background. At the end, then WBLU Disc Jockey and struggling song writer and performer Jim Nesbitt would sing the closing..... "So See Ole Ralph Today for the Top Deal in Town, the Automobile Exchange Tops everyone around". Over the years copies of the actual commercials have been lost. If you have a copy on tape we would like to post it to this page. Send your inquiries to

Dave Moran recalls "I remember there was some concern at WROV when Ralph Peck wanted to use the jingle because everyone thought (me included) it didn't fit.” Jim Nesbitt also recorded Jingles for Lakeside Amusement Park and the Salem Merchants Association, but of course Automobile Exchange was his biggest Roanoke "hit".

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