Johnny Angel (top)
Rick Shaw (bottom)





The Original "Pixie" Staff

Johnny Angel (Larry Williams) 6 to 10
Mark Wheeler (The Italian Superman)
10 to 2

The control room board was a Gatesway, made by Harris Medalist. The mike channel had reverb, making "Pixie" the only station in the market to have echo on the announcer. The window faced Elm Avenue.

Rick Shaw (Dave Young) 2 to Sign Off

Marty Shayne (A.J. Sartin) Weekends - Also worked at WCFV - Clifton Forge, VA, and WROV - Roanoke, VA,













Later Staff Members

Perry Woods III, also worked at WPLO - Atlanta, GA, WRVA - Richmond, VA

Boom Boom Branegan (Robert W. Klingeman)

Before WPXI, Boomer worked at WROV and Swinging Radio England. He is a member of the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. Bob died April 4, 1967, at the age of 19 in a car accident. Click here to read the accounts of Boomer's career from the British point of view.

Aircheck From Swinging Radio England

Bob Dale (Bob Dale Lackey) also worked at WCFV - Clifton Forge, VA, WKYE - Bristol,VA, WISE - Ashville, NC, WTOB and WSJS - Winston Salem, NC

Bob Dale doing show intros for WKIX - Raleigh

Steve Richards (Steve Nelson) also worked at WRIS & WHYE - Roanoke, VA, WCFV - Clifton Forge, VA, AFRTS - Naples, Italy, WKYE - Bristol, VA, WKBX - Winston Salem, and WSLS, WSLC & Q-99 - Roanoke

Steve Nelson aircheck from WSLQ

Ric Starr

Steve Soul (Steve Reid)

John Andrews - also worked at WROV - Roanoke

Fat Daddy (David Massey)

Marty Shayne , "Pixie Girls" Valeria Cook & Michele Lowe, Boom Boom Branegan


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