On January 9, 1937, The Roanoke World-News spotlighted the announcers working at WDBJ

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Ray P. Jordan - Station Manager

Frank Kesler - Commercial Manager

Paul E. Reynolds - Announcer

Irving Sharp - Announcer

James C. St. Clair - Custodian

Robert E. Youse - Announcer

Jack Weldon - Commercial Representative

Hayden Huddleston - Studio Manager

Marvin Naff - Commercial Representative

Keith Webster - Control Operator

Dorothy Carr - Office Secretary

Felix K. Parker - Office Manager

Ann Blain - Office Secretary

Mary Atkinson Henson - Music Director

Martha Ann Woodrum - Reception Room Hostess

Roy Lee Melcher - Radio Operator

Robert C. Wolfenden - Radio Operator

Robert D. Avery - Chief Engineer


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